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The Poison Oak & Poison Ivy Survival Guide

As a poison ivy researcher for almost thirty years, I feel the author has done a great job researching the subject. Valuable information on the plants identification, control, treatment options, and a good lesson on the immune system.

Mahmoud A. ElSohly, Ph.D. Research Professor. Univ. MS

A fascinating read, full of little known facts. A keen eye for detail and an ear for a good story.

Tom Ogren. author of Allergy Free Gardening

A marvelous job of bringing a compllicated scientific/medical condition down to earth.

Edward M. Kerwin, M.D., Medical Director, Allergy & Asthma Center, Medford, OR

This book is written in a casual, lighthearted style, but is very comprehensive and informative, especially for the lay person.

Bettye H. Galloway. Exceutive Vice President. ElSohly Laboratories. MS.

The author has distilled every facet of knowledge concerning these ubiquitous plants and their kin into a marvelous volume of botanical lore, medical fact and practical advice. You will never look at these itch-inducing plants in quite the same way.

Alan W. Meerow, PH.D., Research plant genetiist and systematist, USDA-Agricultural Research Service.

Baker has taken a topic that makes me break out on a rash, made me laugh and forget my itch. I couldn't wait to read more.

JD Rogers, Editor, The Applegator—a newspaper dealing with rural resource issues in S. OR.

I started reading this today and I love it! If you buy it you will not be disappointed. It is a fun and easy read.

Jim Dunphy, owner of poisonivy.aesir.com, a website dedicated completly to info on poison oak & poison ivy.