For those of you who need to deal with cancer immediately, and want to explore non-toxic options, this book will save you time. I researched steadily for a year to compile the best, up-to-date info, and to simplify scientific explanations in order to explain why some alternative cancer treatments just might work.

Dan Paine is the artist who created the drawings and cartoons for the Poison Oak & Poison Ivy Survival Guide.

His children's book is full of brightly colored drawings (filling every page) that keep kids enthralled for hours—finding new things they missed earlier.

Banana slugs can become pirates, a point Pug attempts to prove—setting out from his home for a swashbuckling adventure. On his way, Pub encounters many colorful local characters.

A while back, I unwillingly headed out on a journey—a cancer journey. After diagnosis came an operation, then four months of chemotherapy.

I was on a roll. I continued my journey for two and a half more years with the Gerson Therapy—an alternative nontoxic treatment for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases. If I had known then what I know now, I would have omitted the chemotherapy. Most of you are probably wondering why.

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